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Using solar power is a great way to protect the environment, save money and increase your property value too!

Solar systems don’t only prevent climate change by decreasing carbon emissions – they also help keep electricity bills low because you’re generating more of it yourself instead of relying on power companies.

In addition to these benefits, solar installations also increase a home’s attractiveness and resale value. A recent study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that for every megawatt of solar energy capacity added to a neighborhood; the average home value increases by $2,000.

RKG Roofing and Construction is committed to providing you with the best solar panel installation services. From solar panel installation to energy efficiency, our commitment is always focused on delivering excellent customer service. Our team will build and install a turnkey system, using only high-quality equipment/components that meet your needs perfectly!

Installing a solar system is an excellent investment in your future. Our professional designers and expert installers will work with you, designing a highly efficient system for both power production and stability of output over time so that it pays dividends! Every home deserves energy independence – let us be your guide on this exciting journey today.

Create Your Mock System

    Submit a PDF of your electric bill here and our team of engineers will generate your mock system in 24-48 hours.


    How financing works?

    • 600+ credit score approvals
    • No down payment required
    • 1.49% financing rate over a 25 year term
    • 25 year full coverage warranty through Titan Solar Power
    • 26% federal tax credit
    • 2 tax terms (18 months) to reapply tax, credit back into loan or rates go up a small percentage

    Federal Tax Credit

    26% ITC credit applies to all homeowners who switch to solar

    If a homeowner gets money back at the end of the year they will receive a check matching their tax credits

    Ex 1.) If a homeowner gets $10,000 in Federal Tax credits but only gets back $5,000 from his taxes he will get an additional check for $5,000 from the $10,000 ITC credit. The remainder $5,000 will roll over to the next year.

    Ex 2.) If a homeowner owes $5,000 he will not have to pay out of pocket. $5,000 will be deducted from the $10,000 ITC credit. The remainder $5,000 will roll over to the next year.


    Creating value for homeowners

    • Homes with solar panels add 4-5% value to the home
    • Homes with solar panels sell 20% faster on average
    • The homeowners bill will be consistent/fixed rate for the next 25 years
    • The homeowners owns their Solar system oppose to renting energy from the grid
    • ALL warranties can be transferred to the new homeowner, If the current homeowner decides to sell their home before the 25 years is up.
    • The homeowners solar system is fully covered and protected by Titan Solar Power 25 year warranty

    Contract signing

    Qualified homeowners will receive the following:

    • Contract from Goodleap
    • Utility documents
    • HOA documents
    • Titan Solar Power installation agreement

    Add in a generator to your solar system and stay on even if the power goes out!


    The benefits of going solar.

    • Monthly saving in utility cost
    • Own your energy instead of rent it
    • 26% federal tax credit
    • 70-80% of the system cost added as equity to your home


    25 year warranty on

    • Solar panels
    • Inverter
    • Roof penetration
    solar payment

    This homeowner saved $163 dollars per month


    This homeowner Added 32,246 to the equity of their home


    And received over 10,000 in federal tax credits for going solar

    current bill

    This homeowner saved $50 per month!


    And added over $30k in equity to their home


    Got over $10,000 in federal tax credits for going solar