This is what we call a Happy Homeowner!

All About Financing Your Roof or Renovation

Enjoy Now, Pay Later!

Leaving your roof un-repaired and exposed speeds up the weathering process and puts you at risk of 

experiencing damaging and costly LEAKS. 

We know with everything going on in the world this might not be the first thing on your mind, which is why 

we want to remind you- it’s important.

What would it look like to have someone help you navigate the insurance process and get you a new roof? 

What would it feel like to be able to utilize insurance coverage, financing, or BOTH and not have to worry about these 

costly repairs being a liability during these times of uncertainty?

 Some homeowners are even choosing to stay liquid by keeping their insurance pay out for now and utilizing our financing options to pay the roof off in monthly payments as they use it over the years to keep their family safe and dry! We know the current economic crisis has left many people in a tough spot, which is why we are here to custom tailor a situation that makes the most sense for you. 


Regardless of credit or circumstance, we have options to help turn this into an OPPORTUNITY to utilize for you and your home. 

We’ve had enough bad’s time to make something positive happen! Book your FREE “Quarantine Safe” 

Consultation with an RKG Roofing Professional today!