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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Drones To Inspect Roofs

Key Takeaways:

  • Drones are a safe and efficient way to inspect roofs without putting workers in danger.
  • They can identify potential problems before they become serious issues.
  • Roof inspection using drones is less expensive than traditional methods.
  • Having a good camera, battery, and new technology drones for a roof inspection is essential.

The popularity of drones is rising, and for a good reason. They are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. One such purpose is roof inspection. Roofs can be challenging to inspect safely and effectively, but drones make the process much easier.

In this blog post, RKG Roofing and Construction will discuss the benefits of using drones to inspect roofs. Our experts will also tell you the importance of roof inspection.

Why Conduct a roof inspection?

Roofs are constantly bombarded by the elements and can sustain much damage over time. It is essential to inspect roofs regularly to ensure they are in good condition.

Regular roof inspections would still be advantageous for traditional homes, even without the natural elements. It may eventually degrade if you don’t frequently check your roof for damage caused by normal wear and tear. For example, if the cold weather lasts for a while, you could even see moss growing on your roof, which, if left untreated, might get worse.

Roof inspections are essential, but they can be expensive and time-consuming. This is where drones come in. Drones can quickly and easily inspect roofs without needing scaffolding or other costly equipment.

Can we examine roofs without drones?

Yes, examining your roof without a drone is feasible, but if you don’t have to go up there yourself, you’ll be more likely to do it frequently. Remember that little repairs, even many, are still less expensive than significant ones when your roof sustains severe damage because you neglected to examine it.

Reasons to start using drones for roof inspection:

Reason 01: Drones are safe

Modern constructions often have intricate designs, great heights, flaws, and difficult-to-reach places. The risk of falling roofs and injuries to personnel and building inhabitants makes climbing these structures’ rooftops not always the best decision.

Using drone roof inspection software from a secure height and distance ensures the safety of the building, the roofers, and the residents. Roofing software drones can detect potential risks and hazards quickly and efficiently.

Reason 02: Drones are easy to use

Not everyone is a qualified roofer with the experience and expertise to inspect roofs. But almost anyone can quickly learn how to operate a drone to carry out an inspection. Roofing software drones are easy to fly and come with pre-programmed flight paths, so you don’t need any previous experience.

Reason 03: Drones are cost-effective

Roofing software drones are a cost-effective solution for roof inspections. They can save you money on labor costs and reduce the amount of time needed for an inspection. A drone roof inspection can be finished in a few minutes.

Reason 04: Drone inspections are fast

Physically inspecting a roof takes a lot longer than utilizing a drone to do the job. A worker can only examine a limited number of roofs, while a drone can scan a large roof area in a short period. As a result, inspections are more effective, and it is simpler to spot possible problems.

Reason 05: Drones provide accurate and in-depth data

High-quality cameras that can record every roof nook are incorporated into drones. As a result, it is simple for roofing companies to obtain and evaluate data, which is often accurate and less expensive than sending guys up there. You can get exact information on roof length, area, and pitch from drones. Drones can precisely measure slopes, valleys, rakes, drip edges, etc. You may acquire this information in an accessible PDF or DXF file to add to your CAD designs.

Drones may also be used to inspect a specific roof area from a predetermined set height and angle more precisely and quickly than a team of people could.

Reason 06: Drones can reduce the insurance costs for your roofing business.

Roofing and construction companies are always looking for ways to reduce their costs, and one way to do this is by lowering your insurance premiums. Many roofing companies are now using drones to inspect roofs before starting work. This helps to identify any potential hazards before work begins, which can help to reduce the insurance costs for your roofing business.

Reason 07: Drones can help you to find new customers.

If you’re looking for new customers, drones can help you find them. You can use drones to take photographs of properties in your area that may need roofing work. This can help you generate leads and find new customers you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

What to look for in a drone for roof inspection?

A drone of the highest caliber is required for a professional roof inspection. Although the task isn’t technically challenging, you’ll still want to ensure that your drone has suitable characteristics.

High-resolution camera

You would want your images and videos from a roof inspection work to be as thorough as possible. Here’s where a top-notch camera comes in. High-resolution cameras are standard on many drones now on the market, so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult.

Foldable design

When it comes to roof inspection, portability is critical. A foldable design is ideal in this situation as it’ll make the drone much more compact and easier to transport.

Easy to control

You’ll want a drone that’s easy to control, especially if you’re new to flying drones. Look for features such as auto-takeoff and landing, headless mode, and altitude hold. These will make it much easier to fly a drone without worrying about crashing it.

Long battery life

Battery life is another crucial consideration. You don’t want your drone’s battery dying on you in the middle of an inspection, so make sure to get a drone with a long-lasting battery.

So, there you have it! These are just a few reasons to start using drones to inspect roofs. Consider using drones for your next project; they provide a quick and safe option to do roof inspections.

If you are a homeowner in Fort Worth, Texas, worried about roof inspection, contact RKG Roofing and Construction. We’ll work with you to keep your roof safe by using new technologies for a roof inspection.

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