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6 Reasons Your Solar Roof Should Be ‘Owned’ Instead Of ‘Leased’!

The 21st century is all about renewables, and despite believing in the powers of wind energy, we now face a massive wave of solar panels and roofs taking over. The future is solar, so some people say. But in a world of constantly expanding solar-powered energy sources, people often wonder how to go about it.

At RKG Roofing and Construction, serving Fort Worth, TX, we suggest that our clients buy their solar roofs instead of leasing them. 

Here are six good reasons you should own your solar roof rather than leasing it.

1. You Will Not Have The Ownership Of The Solar Roof

This one is simple. If you lease the solar roof, you will not have any ownership of it. However, there’s more to it. Since you don’t “own” your solar roof, you cannot easily relocate them and will pay a consistent monthly charge. In the long term, this can be a costly bargain.

2. Leased Panels Are Excluded From Property Appraisals

The solar roof has become a real estate attraction these days. Now imagine that you could get a good deal for your property, but since you don’t own the solar panels, they will not be going along the house and may jeopardize your deal. Similarly, the potential buyers may pull off as soon as they learn that the solar roof is not part of the property.

3. You Pay Monthly Rent

When you lease your solar roof, you are obliged to pay a monthly fee. In contrast, if you own the panels, you will be able to get your return on investment within a few years and will enjoy free electricity! 

4. Transfer Of Ownership Can Be Troublesome 

If you sold your house and the buyer agrees to continue with the lease, it can be somewhat problematic and not as easy as you may have thought. Even if the buyer agrees to all the terms and conditions, the process can be time-consuming.

5. It Is Not Easy To Relocate 

Solar roofs cover a vast area of your roof and are huge. If your agreement runs out its time and you cannot extend your agreement, removing or relocating the panels can be a real hassle. You will need teams working day in and out for the entire removal, which includes removing the panels and disabling the electricity connections.

6. A Lease Comes With Terms And Conditions 

Leasing a solar roof can bring along a plethora of restrictive terms and conditions. The agreement may carry terms such as not allowing the removal or replacement in case there is a need for relocation.

Is A Solar Roof Worth It In Fort Worth, Texas? 

Solar roofs are totally worth it with the ample sunlight that Fort Worth, TX, gets. If you’re looking for a trusted service to install your solar roof, RKG Roofing and Construction provides top-quality solar panel installation in Fort Worth, TX. Get more details of our solar services online, or create your mock system today!