3 Easy Steps

Replace Your Roof In Just 3 Easy Steps!

Step one is a quick, simple, and FREE roof inspection. At this time we will document any and all storm damage on your roof to provide to the insurance carrier.

There are specifics on what they are looking for and we are trained on exactly how to document that for coverage. We will also document any issues due to product default, labor issues, and improper ventilation

If you have the type of damage that insurance covers than it makes since to file a claim. We will meet the adjuster who will verify storm findings and agree on a scope of work that the carrier agrees to cover.

Once we obtain the estimate from the carrier and know what they are covering,

it is time to discuss the options you have within your claim. Every roof from RKG includes upgraded under components and assurance of proper ventilation. We need you to choose functionality preference, style, and color!

Why Are YOU Waiting?

waiting-Roofing Solar and Restorations In Fort Worth Dallas

Many people express their concern with ability to cover the cost of the deductible:
RKG is proud to offer multiple financing options for BOTH roofing and renovations, including deductible assistance. You’ve got HAIL. We’ve got SOLUTIONS

Some Homeowners worry that getting their roof replaced may be long, daunting, disruptive process:
Most are surprised ot hear that our IN-HOUSE Roofing Craftsmen complete an average residential install in ONE DAY. You’ll be fully informed and prepared for the day of your buildout as your consultant will carefully explain will carefully explain the process beginning to end, as mapped out on the “WHAT TO EXPECT” page of your closing paperwork.

Simply put- some just put it off:
We understand you are busy! All we need from you is a few moments of your time to adequately explain the process, and a shingle color choice. We do the rest. Not repairing the damage WILL lead to rotted decking, mold and mildew, and interior damage in the future that will be more costly. Let us help you. It’s what we do!

In an industry with so many shady contractors, a lot of homeowners have concerns regarding integrity and professionalism:
We are locally owned and operated. Insured, Check out our Google reviews! We also can’t wait to tell you how we use a third-party regulator in an unregulated industry to ensure that WE don’t get paid until YOU are completely satisfied!